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Smart Glass

TGP Smart Glass

The process of electrically switching the opacity of glass

Smart Glass or switchable glass is a glass panel that can be changed from transparent to opaque with the help of electric current.

The glass panel has in its composition a foil with liquid crystals, which can regulate the amount of light passing through it with the help of electric current.
When the switch is OFF, the glass panel is transparent, and when the switch is ON, the glass panel becomes opaque.


The advantages of smart glass panels

Smart Glass technology helps control the amount of light entering the room, providing comfort in relation to the external environment.

It can control temperature by limiting infrared radiation, eliminating the need for blinds and window curtains.

It can be successfully used in any space, thanks to the possibility of customization for functional or decorative purposes.

Technical specifications


Maximum area:

  • 1800mm width

Glass sheet thickness:

  • Between 5 and 19 mm


Types of glass

Types of glass that can be processed:

  • Float glass
  • Jumbo
  • Low-E

The benefits of using TGP services


Specialized staff and rigorous quality control assure that our products comply with the processing glass standards.


The use of automated machinery and automated monitoring guarantees that our products are made with high precision.

Modern solutions

Modern technology and our vast expertise guarantee that TGP smart glass products comply with quality and safety standards.

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