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Glass Drilling

TGP Shape Glass

The process of glass drilling

Drilling the glass is done after the glass cutting and finishing processes.

This step is necessary to create complex shapes, and to attach hardware or other elements to the glass panels, depending on the functional and aesthetic needs of the project.


Automated drilling of glass with modern machinery

Modern glass processing machines with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) can perform all the necessary processes from drilling to edging and edge polishing, regardless of the complexity of the shapes.

CNC centers use CAD (Computer Aided Design) files, which contain all the necessary information to enable automated machining operations.

The use of automated machines provides high-quality processing and ensures efficiency in the production process.

Technical specifications


Minimum hole size:

  • 5 mm

Glass sheet thickness:

  • Between 5 and 19 mm


Types of glass

Types of glass that can be processed:

  • Float glass
  • Jumbo
  • Low-E
  • Laminated
  • Mirror
  • Special

The benefits of using TGP services


Specialized staff and rigorous quality control assure that our products comply with the processing glass standards.


The use of automated machinery and automated monitoring guarantees that our products are made with high precision.

Modern solutions

Modern technology and our vast expertise guarantee that TGP glass drilled products comply with quality and safety standards.

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