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Glass Edging

TGP Edge+

The process of glass edging

Glass edging or edge finishing means processing the edges of a glass panel by grinding.

This operation is essential for safe handling and for improving functionality and appearance.

In the case of tempered glass, edge finishing is mandatory to avoid glass breakage in the tempering furnace.

For installations where there are no aesthetic requirements for the edge finishing, the glass edging can be shallow.

If the case of joints or visible edges after installation, complex edge finishing is required.


Types of glass edge finishes

Depending on the appearance, the edge finish can be:

  • Matte (satin)

After finishing, the edge is smooth, but without having a glossy surface.

The matte finish modifies the light reflection, and the edge appears darker.

  • Glossy (polished)

After finishing, the edge has a glossy appearance.

This finish provides a uniform appearance on all sides of the glass panel.


Depending on the shape, the finished edge can be:

  • Flat

The glass has a straight edge, perpendicular to the faces of the glass, and offers a sleek appearance.

  • Pencil

The glass has a round edge finish or edge radius, similar to the roundness of a pencil.

  • Bevel

The glass has an angled edge on the face of the glass, to accentuate the shape of the glass.

If both edges of the edge are machined, it is called both sides bevel.


Advantages of TGP technology

We use state-of-the-art machinery to achieve dimensional accuracy, minimal deviations, and efficiency, thus ensuring quality and optimal delivery time.

We process all types of glass, from float to the newest and most complex types of glass (filmed or ornamental).

Technical specifications


Maximum glass edging area:

  • 2600x4200mm

Glass sheet thickness:

  • Between 4 and 19 mm


Types of glass

Types of glass that can be processed:

  • Float glass
  • Jumbo
  • Low-E
  • Laminated
  • Mirror
  • Special

The benefits of using TGP services


Specialized staff and rigorous quality control assure that our products comply with the processing glass standards.


The use of automated machinery and automated monitoring guarantees that our products are made with high precision.

Modern solutions

Modern technology and our vast expertise guarantee that TGP glass products comply with quality and safety standards.

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