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Back-painted glass

TGP Color Glass

Color coating glass process

The color coating or enameling or back-painted glass process involves the application of a uniform and opaque layer of paint on the surface of the glass.

More and more used, thanks to its versatility as a decorative element, but also its durability, color coated glass helps architects and designers express their creativity.

Back-painted glass can be used both externally, through curtain walls, balustrades, canopies, and decorative elements, and internally, through partitions, wall cladding, shower screens, countertops, etc.

Color coated glass can be done with ceramic paint or water-based paint.


Roller coating, with ceramic paint, tempered

The TGP modern ceramic coating technology ensures a high degree of opacity, including light colors, by applying a layer of ceramic paint with a thickness of up to 300 grams per square meter.

The thermal tempering, carried out after coating, increases the resistance of the paint layer to abrasion, UV radiation, solvents, and weak acids.

Ceramic coating guarantees the highest degree of resistance, the glass panels can also be used outdoors.


Spray coating, with water-based paint

The coating is done by spraying special water-based paints on the surface of the glass, with the help of specific machines.

This technology allows faithful reproduction of colors, according to the RAL palette, with a uniform and durable appearance.

For high mechanical strength of the glass panel, it can be tempered before being back-painted. And to extend the life of the enamel, the glass panel can be laminated.

Coated glass with water-based paint is usually used in interior design.

Technical specifications

Maximum coating surface:
  • 2400x5000mm


Glass sheet thickness:
  • Between 4 and 19 mm


Types of glass that can be coated:
  • Float glass
  • Ultra-clear glass
  • Jumbo glass

The benefits of using TGP services


Specialized staff and rigorous quality control assure that our products comply with the processing glass standards.


The use of automated machinery and automated monitoring guarantees that our products are made with high precision.

Modern solutions

Modern technology and our vast expertise guarantee that TGP color coated glass products comply with quality and safety standards.

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