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Ceramic printed glass

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Cerapixel is a TGP brand, dedicated to ceramic-printed glass products

Our multitude of printed glass designs is up to your imagination, bringing color and joy to your every day.

Prints are made at a resolution of 1410 dpi, allowing faithful and detailed reproduction of images.
The incredible level of detail is possible thanks to Cerapixel technology, which is capable of controlling the thickness of the ink layer and its opacity.

With printed glass, you can enjoy the beauty of marble, stone, and natural fibers textures while appreciating glass markers like resistance, versatility, and ease of maintenance.

The glass tempering, accomplished after print ensures both the fusion of the ceramic ink in the glass and increases resistance by more than five times, providing protection in the event of its breakage.

Customizing the print means customizing and harmonizing the space.

The benefits of using TGP services

Scale production

Modern technological lines allow us to process glass with precision and efficiency.

Standards respected

We respect the quality standards for each of the products and services offered.

Full services

We provide consultancy, production, transport and assembly through our partners.

Trusted suppliers

We develop partnerships only with providers of quality services, products and materials.

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